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Quick Turn

The Need For Speed

From a forgotten deadline to an enthusiastic customer, we know there are quite a few reasons to reach out for a quick turn build. With lead times as short as one day, we’re ready to produce a single board, or thousands, as quickly as you need them.

We even offer some pretty off-the-wall delivery methods (like taking a flight to deliver them personally) to ensure you aren’t line down – a great way to see the country, and an even better way to meet the people behind the amazing products we manufacture.

Faster ≠ Costlier

One of the main concerns when it comes to a quick turn build is price. At NAS, we offer competitive pricing on all our builds, quick turn included, and are happy to extend flexible payment options and schedules to our customers.

Need a few boards fast but anticipating a larger order shortly? Not a problem – the quick-turn costs can be waived for larger orders. We’ll just deliver some boards faster than the rest so you always have inventory. Then, we can deliver the balance on a schedule that works for you. When you need it fast, but without more cash, we work with you.

Get A Quote

Ready. Set. Done.

Our team of manufacturing experts can do it all – and they certainly:

Focus On Quality

Quick turn builds are infamous when it comes to quality errors, but at NAS, our team follows a seven-step QC process to ensure your build is error-free. We have our most experienced staff review your build in an NPI (New Product Introduction) meeting to thoroughly review and discuss the build as a team. From our multistep verification process to an automated inspection and X-ray performed on every single quick turn board, we proudly guarantee our work.

Crunch The Numbers

When you are in dire need, it seems as though those handy online calculators work well but, unfortunately, the needless markups built into those calculators adds up. To avoid spending more than you should: send us your quote package and let us know it’s urgent. We can turnaround a quote in as little as two hours (with real numbers that make sense). Now you have an accurate quote, that utilizes only authorized suppliers. That’s what we call a fast pass.

Box It Up

Even quick turn builds need completed assembly. Our expert assemblers are fast, precise, and aesthetically motivated – we regularly receive requests to drop-ship completed assemblies to our customers’ customers and know the importance of great packaging. And with our wide range of services from surface mount and mixed-technology PCB assembly to consumer-ready packaging, we go from “Start” to “Ship” as fast as you need.

Quick With A Cure

We understand most quick turn builds are a product of necessity. When staff tells you the stock is low, it can be a mad dash to find a fix. Our team can help – not just with the quick turn build, but with product forecasting.

Let us know your monthly or annual usage and we can create time estimates to remind you when it’s time to reorder. We can also track the standard lead times on the entire build and send you a quote before you run into lead-time issues (without you having to ask). Production planning can be difficult, but our team is always happy to help.

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