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PCB Assembly

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We were founded over three decades ago on a simple principle: help entrepreneurs and enterprises alike succeed. And order after order, year after year, we're proud to say some things never change.

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Power. Moves.

Behind every powerful idea is a powerhouse. And with the industry’s most impressive equipment in a new, state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, we power all the projects that move you.

Better By Design

Wherever your designs take you, you can execute faster than ever with a manufacturing team consistently focused on quality, Design for Manufacturability (DFM), and flawless delivery. Because when it’s designed better, it works better.

Do More, Stress Less

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to expand internationally, we can help simplify the manufacturing process: BOM scrubbing, DFM recommendations, EOL alerts – we have all the acronyms that let you do more and stress less.

Make Quick Work

With our lightning fast turn times, attention to detail, and eye on economies of scale, we manufacture high-quality, complex products in use by millions of people across the globe. That's making quick work of some pretty quick work.


97% of our staff has more than five years of experience in PCB manufacturing – and like a fine wine, we only get better with age.


Yes – completely free. Not knowing if a CM produces high-quality builds can be a major hurdle. So we prove it to you, for free.


Whether it’s been one month or nine, we proudly back our builds, and will never charge you for rework.


From a complex build to a revolutionary prototype, our team is determined to get your product to market quickly, seamlessly.

Your Product Is Amazing.
Give It The Industry’s Best Complement.

From the planes to the plains, our world-class electronics manufacturing services are utilized in an array of industries.


The sky's not our limit


Helping those who help others


It's all fun and games

Public Safety

For the good of the many


Can you hear me now?


Because we're driven – literally

Industrial Controls

So you're in control

And Everything Else

Any product, for any industry

State-of-the-Art Artfully Done

Our state-of-the-art surface mount lines are capable of producing tens of thousands of assemblies per month with placements as small as 01005. And with the use of nano-coated stencils and a mix of high-speed, high-accuracy pick and place machines, we've manufactured some of the most complex and dense assemblies in the industry.

And all surface mount assemblies are run through our AOI (automated optical inspection) machine to ensure a perfect assembly makes its way to you. Our AOI checks every component and placement for solder joint acceptability, component presence, orientation, defect, and even component marking. Worried about bottom terminated components like BGAs? Don’t! We X-ray bottom termination components and can easily handle pitches 0.4mm and lower because we’re good like that.

Design For Manufacturability

Reliability and price don’t normally go together, but our DFM recommendations are an attractive combination of both. We provide options for a more reliable product at a more cost-effective price point.

From simple design choices to in-depth manufacturing reliability suggestions, we’re focused on improving the quality and lifespan of your product. The best part? With our end-to-end solutions, we can make recommendations starting at the individual component level and ending with the final consumer packaging.

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