What's In The Box?

Box Build

Hammer Out The Details

Haven’t created a drawing? Instructions not written? Not a problem! Our team of manufacturing experts can quote and assemble your box build using anything from a simple sample unit to a beautifully engineered drawing. If you have a list of materials and something our team can look at, we’ll handle the details to get you a quality product for a price you love.

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DFBB (Design For Box Build)

We not only take that difficult and time-consuming box build off your plate – we make recommendations to improve quality, turn-time, and yield, all while reducing the labor costs associated with your build.

Doing The Heavy Lifting

Bolts, screws, nuts, washers, press-fits, wiring, enclosures, power cords, power supplies, and consumer packaging; we do it all. We take your assembly from the raw PCB to a box packaged and ready to send to your customer.

Lean, Mean, Building Machine

Using the latest industry software, hardware, and a methodology steeped in lean manufacturing practices and continuous improvement, we provide the most economic, onshore manufacturing build.

Tracing Perfection

In today’s day and age, lot traceability is essential and we understand the difficulties it presents. Whether you require every item in your assembly, or just the final unit, to be traced, we’ve got you covered from Maine to Malaysia.

Box Builds This Year

Screws, Nuts, Bolts

Minutes Of Labor Saved Through DFM

Crazy Deadlines Met This Year

(You know who you are )

In Time In No Time

We have decades of experience in taking hundreds of line items, dozens of documents, and numerous POs and turning it into a single order. With our DFM recommendations, builds that once took over an hour to assemble were able to be reduced to just fifteen minutes. We never shy away from a challenge and are willing to find ways to make it more cost-effective to you, and simpler for us.

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Think Outside The Box

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we love making products created by folks who think outside the box. And from electronic construction signs to medical devices improving the quality of a patient’s life, we are proud to support every endeavor that makes life a little brighter.

From hospital stations to audio equipment, you dream it, we (box) build it:

  • Audio Equipment
  • Construction Signs
  • Computer & Gaming Cabinets
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Sensors
  • Aftermarket Automotive
  • Hospital Stations
  • Wearable Electronics
  • Your Product